Electric Nail Drill JMD202

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  • Electric Nail Drill JMD202
  • Electric Nail Drill JMD202
  • Electric Nail Drill JMD202
  • Electric Nail Drill JMD202
  • Electric Nail Drill JMD202

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Used to create crystal nails, polishing nails surface and edges. Designed with engineering principles, it is stylish and feels good. The high quality motor runs without noise. The five grinding bits can be used interchangeably, and can be rotated forward and backward to adjust the speed. It has the functions of grinding, polishing, peeling, engraving and so on. Easy to use, safe and not hurting

Product power: 50-60Hz

Speed: 35,000 revolutions

1. Applicable voltage range: 220V (can be customized 110V)
2. Using fast mechanical clamping method, the clamping is more reliable.
3. The handle has a unique heat sink, and it will not cause overheating when used for a long time.
4. The manual/foot switch can be used to control the opening/stopping, which can control the positive and negative rotation, stable performance, reliable quality and strong adaptability to the working environment.
5. Beautiful and elegant appearance, exquisite and streamlined design fully embody the concept of ergonomics.
6. The shape adopts a snap-type solid structure, which is convenient for safe loading and unloading, and is practical and original.
7. The traditional system has a unique double shock absorption structure with low vibration and low noise.

Package Include:
1 x Nail Polisher
1 x Handpiece
1 x Foot switch
1 x Cup
1 x Handpiece support
1 x Manual


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