Chasticide Disinfectant Liquid 64oz.

Del Río Beauty Shop


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Hospital grade, Concentrate formula, Dilution 1:32 (eg. 30mls of Disinfectant to be mixed with 1Ltr water). 64oz or 2Ltr bottle of A Multi-purpose, germicidal detergent. Disinfects, cleans and deodorizes in one labour saving step. Dilution 1:32, Use in bathrooms, Hospitals, Nursing homes, Day care centres, Athletic facilities, Barber/Beauty Shops, Business and office buildings, Hotels, Institutional facilities. Disinfection of barber/beauty/salon instruments and tools (such as combs, brushes, razors, scissors, and other shop tools) can be disinfected by immersing in a 4 ounce per gallon solution for a contact time of 10 minutes. Prepare a fresh solution daily or more often if the solution becomes diluted or visibly soiled.

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