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For over 25 years, EzFlow® has formulated products for the nail industry using the latest technologies available. Inspired by talented nail artists, EzFlow develops and markets imaginative products that support creative vision.

Created for nail techs by nail techs, Ez Flow has been an industry innovator for over twenty years. Known worldwide as a competition brand pushing the envelope of technology and research, Ez Flow is committed to global education and professional development.

Ez Flow is responsible for many firsts in the industry and the recipient of numerous awards. Most notably, Ez Flow is recognized for the award-winning Pink and White Acrylic System, Design Colored Acrylics, Boogie Nights Glitter Acrylic, Fiberglass Products, and Electric Filing Systems. Another groundbreaking effort is the state-of-the-art Precision French Tip designed to meet the needs of the time-challenged nail technician.